How to use Whats App on the web?

You can easily open your WhatsApp account from your computer browser without much headache. With some easy steps, you can access your WhatsApp through your computer browser.

Step 1:

First of all open any web browser (eg: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera) from your computer or laptop. Then copy this URL and paste it on the search bar in your web browser or you can easily click on the above URL, it will be redirected to the WhatsApp web.

Step 2:

After entering the URL you can see the given below web page with a QR code.

Step 3:

Now open WhatsApp on your mobile device, then tap on the menu icon on the right top corner, then you can see the menu WhatsApp Web. Click on the WhatsApp Web. Now the phone camera will open for scanning the QR code. Point your phone to the web browser screen to capture the QR code.

Step 4:

Now your WhatsApp will be displayed on the web browser. You can access it from your computer.